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Moto Razr+ unboxing (with margaritas)

Come hang as I unbox the latest foldable Razr phone while enjoying a refreshing margarita.

Motorola is officially opening preorders for the new Razr+ today, June 15th. The company’s newest folding phone, which was unveiled earlier this month, offers a fresh take on the Razr’s design with no chin, a huge cover display, and a super-thin form factor. It’s priced at $999 and can be purchased from a variety of retailers and carriers, as well as

And I have one!

Recently, Motorola reached out and asked if I wanted a review unit of the Razr+. I, being the good tech journalist I am, said yes approximately three seconds after I received their email. When I got to play with it at their launch event in New York, I fell in love with its thin design and responsiveness. The big 3.6-inch cover screen was the cherry on top, and the curiosity I had about its cameras enticed me to want to spend more time with the device.

Moto Razr+ at Motorola's press briefing in New York.

Now that I have one (in the fancy Glacier Blue color way), I figured I’d film an unboxing so you can get a sense for what reviewers were presented with when their Razr+ units arrived. Full disclosure: I can technically share first impressions which I did not do in the video, but I think I’m going to wait to share all of my opinions in the full review (make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss out).

Oh, and because unboxings can be boring sometimes, I figured I’d spice it up with a spicy margarita. Enjoy! 🍹

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Legendary Scoop
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